Are your website visitors converting?

Three seconds. That’s how long you have to capture a potential customer’s attention when they land on your website. You get just one chance to make that first impression and if you don’t keep them there, most of the time you don’t get another shot. Is your site up to the task?

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Just Having a Website Isn’t Enough

You launched your small business website and then the sales just started rolling in, right?  After all, the Internet provides access to millions of potential customers and your website is the vehicle that will bring them to you.  Or at least that’s what you hoped would happen. But it isn’t that easy, is it? To begin with, you need the right website.  And you need to continue to make it work it to your advantage.  To do that, you need your website to be current, with a fresh appearance, using the latest technology to support your customers and you need to regularly update your content to build your credibility and stimulate sales.  So, knowing that, how does your website measure up?  Maybe it’s time to find out.

What the Best Websites Offer

Here are some of the key components the best small business website should provide:

-A secure site with clear copy, a professional appearance and current information

-Mobile device friendly formats, strong SEO (search engine optimization) to increase traffic and interesting news in blog posts that adds value to the customer’s experience

-Contact information that is readily found, accurate and when a message or request is sent, it is received by the business for response

-For Ecommerce sites, a variety of secure payment options that facilitate confidence and simplifies the sales process, to include posting visitor security information

-Social media engagement through a variety of appropriate social media platforms with icons linking to them, to increase traffic to your website

-Quality hosting is engaged to promote credibility with clients and should identify a business URL

Make certain you test your website regularly to assure it is consistently fully functional and monitor its success by reviewing Google analytics to determine what is working and what may need more work.

Website Facelifts: First Impressions Matter

A professional web design agencies will work with you to maximize your productivity, help realize your full web potential, identify improvements to be made, and increase your bottom line.   Your current website may be costing you business.   Turn that website into your greatest asset by giving it some a much needed attention. Your website was created to work for you and to achieve your business goals.  It’s how a new customer finds you and return customer learns about your latest products, promotions and services. It might be time for a redesign?

Making the Most of Your Website

Your website should be laser focused, well designed and optimized for speed.  In our next 2 blog posts we’ll be outlining 12 key factors that will guarantee your website works as hard as you do. Your site should be focused on the needs of your target market, be easily accessible, contain accurate and interesting content that brings people in and converts them into customers.

There are probably some areas that you need to address to make the best use of your site, it may be time to contact a web design service to discuss some needed updates.  Your web presence is often the point of contact for any new customer.  Make certain their first impression of your business encourages a long and successful relationship with that new customer and converts them into longstanding, repeat and loyal clients.

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